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Charter Bus Prices: Calculating Your Chicago Bus Rental Costs

Charter Bus Prices: Calculating Your Chicago Bus Rental Costs

Explore unbeatable charter bus rental prices from Chicago Motor Coach for your Chicago adventure today!

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Charter Bus?

Wondering about your charter bus cost? Below, we provide an approximate breakdown of prices based on the size of the bus, the distance you’re traveling, and hourly rates, as well as daily rental services for usage of 10 hours.

Bus Type Cost Per Hour Cost Per Day Cost Per Mile
56 Passenger Motor Coach 56 Passenger Motor Coach
Starts from $160* Starts from $1,600* Starts from $5.50*
45-50 Passenger Motor Coach45-50 Passenger Motor Coach
Starts from $155* Starts from $1,550* Starts from $5.00*
40-44 Passenger Coach Buses40-44 Passenger Coach Buses
Starts from $140* Starts from $1,400* Starts from $4.50*
32-36 Passenger Mini Buses32-36 Passenger Mini Buses
Starts from $135* Starts from $1,350* Starts from $4.25*
28-30 Passenger Mini Buses28-30 Passenger Mini Buses
Starts from $130* Starts from $1,300* Starts from $4.00*
14 Passengers Mercedes Sprinter Van14 Passengers Mercedes Sprinter Van
Starts from $120* Starts from $1200* Starts from $3.75*

*The rental pricing chart above may not accurately represent the cost of charter bus rental service. Pricing for Chicago charter bus rentals is determined by specific travel factors outlined in this guide. For precise pricing, please consult a representative from charter bus companies over the phone.

**All trips require a minimum of 5 hours. Additional mileage charges may be applicable for multi-day and long-distance trips.

How We Determine Your Charter Rental Price

Here are some of the factors influencing charter bus rental costs:

  • Seasonal Price Fluctuations

    1.  Seasonal Price Fluctuations

    The cost of a charter bus trip can fluctuate depending on the season. For example, during peak travel times such as holidays, charter bus companies may apply additional charges or overtime fees for services.

  • Distance & Duration Impact

    2.  Distance & Duration Impact

    Your charter bus rental cost is significantly impacted by the distance you intend to travel and the duration of the trip. Longer trips, especially those requiring overnight stays, incur additional expenses such as driver accommodations and potential mileage fees. Make sure you provide us with accurate information regarding pickup and drop-off locations to get more precise charter bus pricing.

  • Origin City Costs

    3.  Origin City Costs

    The starting city plays a crucial role in charter bus costs due to factors such as local taxes, fees, and regulations. For instance, certain destinations, like airports, may impose specific charges for charter bus pickups or drop-offs. Be aware of additional expenses like these when planning your trip.

  • Route Expenses

    4.  Route Expenses

    Route-related expenses, such as tolls or parking fees, contribute to the overall charter bus rental cost. Consider these expenses and ensure all route details are communicated to the charter bus company for accurate pricing.

  • Driver Shifts & Charges

    5.  Driver Shifts & Charges

    Charter bus drivers' shifts, gratuity, and other service charges can affect charter bus costs. For extended trips exceeding a driver's maximum consecutive hours of driving, additional drivers may be required. This happens due to mandatory regulations, which include a mandatory 8-hour break after driving for 10 consecutive hours.

  • Bus Types & Amenities' Influence

    6.  Bus Types & Amenities' Influence

    The type of charter bus and included amenities impact rental cost. Standard charter buses typically have lower rental costs compared to luxury coaches equipped with premium amenities like Wi-Fi. Consider your group's needs and preferences when selecting a charter bus to optimize the balance between comfort and charter bus costs.

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Cost-Saving Strategies for Charter Bus Trips

Here are some strategies to help you manage costs while organizing your charter bus trip:

  • Plan Ahead

    Secure the best charter buses at the best rates by booking early. We advise calling 3-6 months before your trip to allow ample time for our team to find the ideal charter bus for your needs.

  • Assess Individual Cost

    While charter bus prices may appear high initially, consider the per-person cost when splitting the total among passengers. Often, the per-person cost of charter buses is comparable to or less than alternative transportation options, offering greater convenience.

  • Confirm Passenger Count

    Avoid overpaying for unnecessary space or having to upgrade to a higher-priced vehicle later by finalizing your headcount early. Ensure you have sufficient space for your group's needs without excess or shortage.

  • Off-Season Scheduling

    Opting for off-season travel, such as during the winter months of December, January, and February, can result in lower charter bus prices. Avoiding peak seasons, typically April, May, and June, helps minimize expenses.

Choosing Chicago Motor Coach: What Sets Us Apart

Here are just a few compelling reasons why we stand out from the competition:

  • Interstate and Intrastate Excellence

    Experience seamless travel both in and out of state with our reliable and efficient charter bus services.

  • Superior Safety Standards

    Rest easy knowing that safety is our top priority. Our fleet maintains a prestigious five-star safety rating for your peace of mind.

  • Convenient Device Plugs

    Stay connected on the go with buses equipped with sockets, ensuring you remain powered up throughout your journey.

  • Rapid Response Time

    Experience unmatched customer service with our commitment to prompt responses. We’ll address any inquiries within 10 minutes.

  • Pristine Condition

    Travel in comfort and style aboard our charter buses, all meticulously maintained for an enjoyable ride every time.

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